The church regularly participates in Mission trips. These trips include disaster relief, camps for children and more.


Previous trips

Standing Rock

IMG1350In 2012, two church members attended Standing Rock, an Indian Reservation located on the border of North and South Dakota, 50 miles south of Bismark.  There are multiple communities within the reservation.  Pastor Boots who has a church in the Cannonball Community and Maria with the Virginia WMU coordinate several teams to minister to the communities in the reservation.  The summer team has something similar to Vacation Bible School for the children and offers ministries, crafts and Bible study to the adults.  There is also a traveling team consisting of visiting nurses who pass out glasses, do diabetes testing and blood pressure checks as well as discuss health issues such as diet. This team also passes out items that have been requested by Pastor Boots, such as shoes or pillows. Other teams include the horse ministry team and a prayer team.The traveling team also operates a carnival for the children. The traveling team sets up twice a day and travels over 1,000 miles during the week they are there. It is a blessing to go and be a part of these people’s life for a week. To show you love and care for them means a lot.  It is tough living and growing up in this area, the land is harsh and the closest town is 50 miles away.

The church hopes to send an additional group to Standing Rock during the summer of 2013.

Hurricane Katrina relief

In 2005, the church sent a group to Biloxi, Mississippi to help rebuild the area after the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina. The group spent a week roofing homes, sorting through donated supplies and meeting people impacted by the hurricane, all while spreading God’s love.